• compote of fig , apricot, apple, prune & mustard seed
  • yum with cold meat or cheese


My parents came across Mostarda whilst on holiday in Italy. It was a delicious discovery, but they were unable to find a manufacturer in Scotland. Trotter’s Independent Condiments was born.

INGREDIENTS : Figs (20%), apricots (20%)(contains sulphates), Prunes (20%), apple (10%), sugar, water, white wine Vınegar ((contains sulphates), mustard seed (2%), mustard Powder. Weight 280g 9.8oz. Unfortunately for some, Mostarda is created in a kitchen which also has nuts in it. Suitable for vegetarians.

  • a zesty ambrosial condiment
  • yum with salad dressıngs, scotch eggs and bangers

Scottish Honey Mustard

When I was younger the only mustard I liked was this whole grain mustard that my mum used to make. I also love Scottish honey, so I decided to throw some of that in as well.

INGREDIENTS : Mustard seed (yellow & black), white wine Vınegar (contains sulphites), scottish Honey, Cinnamon, salt Weight 280g 9.8oz. Unfortunately for some, Scottish Honey Mustard is created in a kitchen which also has nuts in it.

  • a spicy friend for all your dishes
  • yum with everything, including chocolate cake!

Hot Pepper Jelly

My great aunt Dinah gave me the recipe for Hot Pepper Jelly. She lives in Jamaica where the Scotch Bonnet Pepper grows, it is this pepper which gives Hot Pepper Jelly its amazing flavour and heat.

INGREDIENTS : Sugar, Sweet Peppers (14%), White Wine Vinegar (contains Sulphites), Water, Scotch Bonnet Peppers (1.4%), Pectin (a natural product used to make the jelly set) Weight 300g 10.5oz. Unfortunately for some, Hot Pepper Jelly is created in a kitchen which also has nuts in it.

  • A racy, tangy raw fruit chutney
  • yum with sandwiches and picnics

Uncle Allan's Chutney

Uncle Allan’s Chutney is a raw fruit chutney made from Apples, Onions, Dates and Sultanas, and instead of cooking the chutney it sits in a vat and socks in Malt vinegar for a few days before going into the jars where it sits for at least a month to mature before selling. Uncle Allan’s chutney also benefits form a subtle kick from a hint of Cayenne Pepper.

INGREDIENTS : Apples, Dates, Onions, Brown Sugar, Malt Vinegar (contains Gluten), Saltanas, Cayenne Pepper. Weight 280g 9.8oz. Unfortunately our kitchen also has nuts in it. there might be small pieces of date stones in the chutney—we hope not.

  • Bloody Mary salsa without the vodka. Shame.
  • yum with pizzas, nachos, burritos and as a dip

A Bloody Shame

I love a Bloody Mary cocktail so I thought it would make a good condiment. However, when cooked the vodka taste disappeared, so we removed it—A‘ Bloody Shame’.

INGREDIENTS : Chopped Tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice, citric acid), Celery, White Wine Vinegar (contains Sulphites), British Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce (contains Gluten, Fish), Lemon Juice, Tabasco (Vinegar, Red Peppers, Salt), Salt, Pepper Weight 280g 9.8oz. Unfortunately for some, A Bloody Shame is created in a kitchen which has nuts in it.

  • a sweet & spicy dip to get the evening started
  • yum with crisps, tempura prawns and in stir fries

Sweet Pepper Dipping Sauce

Following the success of the Hot Pepper Jelly, I decided to increase its use by making a dipping sauce version. |e sauce uses the same Scotch Bonnet Peppers, so it tastes just as good, but it has a different texture and consistency

INGREDIENTS : Sugar, Water, Sweet Peppers (12%), White Wine Vinegar (contains Sulphur), Liquid Certo, Scotch Bonnet Peppers (1%) Weight 280g 9.8oz. Unfortunately for some, Sweet Pepper Dipping Sauce is created in a kitchen which has nuts in it.

  • lime marmalade with mint and rum
  • yum with toast & goats’ cheese and as a cake filling

Mojito marmalade

After the success of the Mojito Jelly, I decided to make a succulent marmalade. Same ingredients, different use.

INGREDIENTS : Sugar (56g per 100g), Limes (20g per 100g), Mınt Tea (Fresh Mınt, Water)(21%), Rum (6%) Weight 280g 9.8oz. Unfortunately for some, Mojito marmalade is created in a kitchen which has nuts in it.

  • Handmade with Scottish fruit
  • yum with sponge puddings, toast, scones

Handmade Blackcurrent jam

A British favourite—always a feature of a afternoon teas. Trotter’s handmade jam is made with fruit grown in Fife. Our jam is created in the traditional way and in our usual small batches, for the freshest homemade taste.

INGREDIENTS : Blackcurrants (25g per 100g), Sugar (48g per 100g), Water
Weight 280g (9.8oz)

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