Hot Pepper Jelly


My Great Aunt Dinah gave me the recipe for Hot Pepper Jelly. She lives in Jamaica where the Scotch Bonnet Pepper grows, it is this pepper that gives Hot Pepper Jelly it’s amazing flavour and heat.

What it is…

Savoury jelly made from sweet peppers and Scotch Bonnet peppers. Scotch Bonnets have a powerful kick but also a delicious flavour. The heat does not last long but instead you are left with a nice fresh pepper flavour.

Yum with…

Casserole, fish pie, lasagne, spices up any soup or stew, chocolate cake (see recipes), cheese (especially cottage and cream), pies, charcuterie and sandwiches.



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Sugar, White Wine Vinegar (contains sulphur), Sweet Peppers, Scotch Bonnet Peppers (1.4%), Apple Pectin (natural jelling agent)


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